• 13.-15.june


    5/6 €
  • 4. Panoramatic Film Exhibition 2019

    New official screenings and music festival shows began in 2014 with very good responses. Eventually we were able to reconstruct the original projectors into fully operational state with a large help from our friends. Mainly Mr. Pavel Tomesek from Krnov must be thanked here. We even added a DTS system for 70mm to be able to show DTS titles. The two interesting things about this amphitheatre is that according to our information, it's now the only 70mm open air cinema in operation in Europe and also has the largest screen with operational 70mm projection that we know of. The screen is 32m wide and 15m in height.

    13-06-2019  DUNKIRK

    14-06-2019  READY PLAYER ONE

    15-06-2019  ARMAGEDDON